Everything around us that is perceived by our senses (lights, vistas, sounds and smells) is largely influenced by architectural expression and the emotions governed by it. Architectural Design is a very powerful tool that creates specifically desired conditions and in a way, manipulates the future that is yet to come.

It is important that design is not "accidental" or unplanned, but is used as a tool to create architecture of opportunities and the achieveement of our vision in the most efficient way. A space can be designed reminiscent of the diversity that is the beauty of life, whether it be housing, a place of work or public facilities.

In the process of designing a space in an individual style of a client is very important and enables a specific architectural expression resulting in an idea, a vision, and finally the realization of a project. The process of building the awareness and understanding of experiences and emotions that the specific space should provide is as important as the formal data (location, layout, size of the available space, etc.) Based on these inputs, through its form and interaction, architecture and its environment can support and embody identity and energy of space, directly affecting our personality, and thus supporting our creative growth and development. While designing, one should also take into consideration the great potential of specific cultures, history, natural environment and the people of a place. Embracing these potentials, combined with other factors, we strive to create architecture which will always be, like man, original and individual.

There are no boundaries between architecture, design and art. They are integrated and complementing each other both in small scale (furniture design, interior design, etc ...) as well as in larger scale projects, including urban solution. Art and design combined with architecture are exactly what makes amends, gives meaning, surprises us and provides an authentic experience. With this architectural language we tell a story in which, no matter how many times it is read, we can always discover something new or experience it in a new way.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

– Albert Einstein

Today, as we testify to what is currently happening with the environment and our planet, it became obvious that we had no understanding of the consequences of our existences and activities. In fact, it is clear that the environment and natural treasures are inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative ideas and solutions. Architecture that feels/listens to our needs inevitably feels the needs of nature and the environment in which we build and live, while designing with special sensibility for nature and the need and desire for healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The ecological approach is extremely important while building, since it is the largest consumer of natural resources. Architecture, as the last link in the production chain of building and the architect's role as the contact with the final user gives the ability to one to point out benefits of the environmentally responsible design. Occasionally, the smallest initiative, or at least just a different approach to the process of the designing (such as use of natural and local materials, layout of buildings, using solar energy, etc.) will provide us with more efficient and healthier building and thus the ultimate goal – the return to the nature and human conditions that are recognized as pleasant.

Archigreen Agency will provide a bridge between your vision, our ideas and healthier and greener future.

2010 Projects: Cube House and Modular Promo Houses published in book Architecture in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1995-2010; selector and editor Hans Ibelings, Dutch architecture critic, writer and exhibition maker.

Exhibition Restart - Architecture in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1995-2010.

- Sarajevo and Banja Luka, December 2010

- Belgrade - BINA 2011 - May 2010

- Barcelona-Spain-COAC, July 2011