Name: Cube House

Type: Single Family House


Size: sqm 184

Date: 2010

The Cube House is a Promo prefabricated family house, intended to achieve an architecturally designed mise-en-scène giving the occupants the freedom to express their own particular lifestyle.

The intention when designing these pre-fab house was to create a workable layout and a contemporary look that would allow the building to fit equally well into an urban or a rural setting.

Typically, this type of building, characterized by its structural flexibility and energy efficiency, is built of components that are simple to manufacture and to erect.

The Cube House has a simple, functional layout. The ground and first floor are linked physically and visually by a gallery. This also links the first floor with the building’s surroundings, as the view from and light entering the living room also reach the first floor. The Cube House has its name from the orthogonal, cubist forms used by the architect to create the architecture, exterior and interior.