Name: GoGreen Chair

Type: Wood Chair Design

Competition- Interfob

Eco frendly

Date: 2010

Name of the “Go Green” Chair reflects the design concept based on the using of timber residues. This concept has a symbolic value which is boosting the awareness of the importance of conservation of the environment and its sustainability. In times of climate changes and limited resources of natural materials, its reuse and recycling are the most important criteria for the defining of the product's value. Structurally, the chair consists of two different elements: the remains of wooden logs (hollow – diameter 12-30 cm; length 40-50 cm) that are interconnected and the steel frame. Application of different forms of these carrier frames provides different types of chairs for different uses: a chair with and without armrests, deck chair, etc. It is characteristic that this chair is not strictly defined since it depends on the form of the wooden timber structure which dominates and its cylindrical and ergonomics shapes. Chair construction is light and transparent thanks to the visible wooden structure and cylindrical volume and in this way it provides authenticity in regards to the related environment.