Name: “NE” House (Low-e)

Type: Single Family House


Size: sqm 167

Date: 2010

„NE“ House is the “Promo” prefabricated, low-e house. It is oriented so the longer facade with windows faces south. This facade is protected from the sun with wooden sun-shades and central and higher part of the house is emphasized in the exterior with this wooden cloak. The northwards oriented wall (without windows and with fireplace) accumulates heat and ensures smooth and comfortable heat transfer in the house during the winter period.

The natural surroundings and design concept of this house are removing the boundaries between recreation and housing, what was the primary goal while designing the "NE" house. The roof terrace that rises only above one part of the house contributes experiencing the beauty and tranquility of the environment with its views mostly of the natural landscape, and partly of the urban valley.